Our offering

The Infinity Clean Energy supplied solar panel system installed and connected to the onsite electrical system. The system is maintained by Infinity for the duration it is required.

The system is rented to the client, the green electricity consumed is metered and the energy consumed is used to compile the rental cost. The cost is set and agreed prior to installation and is based upon the current prevailing commercial rate of electricity -10%, i.e. the current electrical rate of £0.34/kWh, the Infinity charge rate would be £0.31/kWh, (the rate is a flexible rate, should that change during the operational period then the prevailing charge rate will also change). 

An additional meter will be fitted on the incoming main electrical supply to monitor the power consumed and to calculate the further savings that can be provided with additional clean energy sources.  

On a monthly basis an invoice for the system rental and a report is issued, the metered consumption is issued to calculate the CO² savings for that month and the ongoing accumulated CO² saving.

At the end of the building project the system is dismantled and removed by Infinity Clean Energy.